Airworthiness Notice - B007, Edition 1 - 21 June 1993

Aircraft Exit Signs - Radioactivity

  (This Airworthiness Notice supersedes N-AME-AO 8/84 dated 31 May 1984)

Many aircraft today use exit signs powered by Tritium (Hydrogen-3) gas, a radioactive material.  Because these signs contain a radioisotope, they are subject to control pursuant to the Atomic Energy Control Act and Regulations.

Aircraft manufactured outside Canada frequently have these signs supplied as standard equipment.  Consequently they may be imported and used in Canada without their owner being aware that a licence is required for the possession of the signs.

Signs may be identified by the radioactivity warning label affixed to the rear surface.  This label identifies the isotope, usually with the symbol "H-3" and specifies the radioactivity, measured in curies (Ci) or becquerels (Bq).

Any owner or operator, who does not hold a Radioisotope Licence and has possession of a tritium powered sign, should contact:

The Atomic Energy Control Board
P.O. Box 1046
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 5S9

Attention:  R.J. Walker
or telephone (613) 995-1436

It should be noted that under normal use there is no radiation hazard from such signs.  Control, however, is necessary due to the hazard that can exist in their disposal.

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