Airworthiness Notice - B013, Edition 1 - 21 June 1993

Removal of Aircraft Cabin Doors for Parachute Jumping


The purpose of this notice is to inform the public of eligible aircraft and approval requirements associated with the removal of cabin doors for sport parachute jumping.


The removal of cabin doors is normally required for aircraft involved in sport parachute jumping.  Such a change in type design is an airworthiness related matter, thus requiring an approval.

Eligible Aircraft

FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 105-2C provides general information concerning sport parachute jumping.  Appendix 2 of AC 105-2C lists the types of aircraft which have been approved by the FAA for parachute jumping with a cabin door removed.  This list has been accepted by Transport Canada.  Most of the approvals granted by the FAA were recorded either by the issue of a Field Approval (Form ACA-337) or a Supplemental Type Certificate.  In some cases, the required change in type design may necessitate work other than the removal of the door, such as the installation of a deboarding step , the installation of air deflectors, the removal of dual controls, seats, etc.


Prior to engaging in parachute jumping, operators should ensure that the changes in type design specified in the FAA approval document or in any other document have been satisfied entirely, and that a suitable flight manual (or equivalent document) exists for the modified aircraft.

Any aircraft not listed in AC 105-2C requires the issue of a Transport Canada approval in accordance with the procedures specified in Chapter 513 of the Airworthiness Manual.

For any additional information, please contact the Transport Canada regional or district office of your geographical area.

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