Airworthiness Notice - B043, Edition 2 - 28 January 2000

 Conformity Inspection Associated with Appliance Type Certification or Modification/Repair Approval Projects

(This Airworthiness Notice supersedes AN No. B043 Edition 1,) 
(dated 24 April 1998.)


The purpose of this notice is to explain the responsibilities of an applicant prior to requesting a conformity inspection associated with the prototype evaluation of a supplemental type certificate (STC), a limited supplemental type certificate (L/STC), a repair design certificate (RDC), a TSO and/or an appliance type certificate (AP-TC) installation.  This revision is intended to clarify the qualifications for those persons responsible for the conformity inspections.


In several cases, prototype installations have not been performed in accordance with the applicant's installation drawings nor have the necessary ground tests been conducted, where required, prior to seeking a conformity inspection by Transport Canada (TC).  This situation may often result in ineffective use of TC resources.

Conformity Requirements (Prototype Installation)

The need for a conformity inspection by Transport Canada on a prototype installation associated with an STC, L/STC, RDC, AP-TC or TSO design approval project will be determined by the regional engineer responsible for the project, and the applicant will be advised accordingly.  Where such a requirement has been identified, the prototype installation is to be verified by the applicant or his designated person for conformity with the applicable installation drawings and, where required, ground tests performed to determine functionality.  The above functions are to be carried out prior to the applicant requesting the required conformity inspection by TC representatives.


A written confirmation is to be provided to the responsible regional project engineer using the Conformity Inspection Record form appended to this notice, or an equivalent form acceptable to TC.  The completed form is to be signed by an appropriately rated Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) or Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO).  TC form 24-0045 (Conformity Certificate - Repair or Modification), which is intended to certify the installation of an approved modification or repair, should not be used as a Conformity Inspection Record.  The Conformity Inspection Record should be accompanied by details pertaining to the location of the test article, the proposed modification or repair, and a proposed date for accomplishing the conformity inspection by TC Airworthiness Inspectors.

Conformity Inspection Record


  Aeronautical Product

Make                          Model                          Serial No.                     Region                  
  Title of Change
  Drawing   No.
Applicant's Inspector
Signature                                       Date
T.C. Inspection
Signature                                       Date

I hereby confirm that the prototype installation for the subject




is in conformity with the applicable installation drawing(s)listed above and that necessary ground tests have been carried out.

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