Airworthiness Notices - B044, Edition 1 - 8 May 1998

Use of Radio Sets in Aeronautical Service


The purpose of this notice is to advise the aviation community of the policy concerning the approval and use of radio sets in aeronautical service in accordance with the Industry Canada (IC) philosophy outlined in their memo dated 13 November 1987, of which the relevant part is quoted (stated) below as background information.


Generally speaking, the aeronautical radio equipment for sale in Canada has been certified as technically acceptable for authorization and appears in the Radio Equipment List. Occasionally, however, an individual will purchase aeronautical equipment or an aircraft fitted with a radio station in the United States, import into Canada and apply to us for a license.

By an exchange of notes dated 28 July 1938 (renewed in 1971), Canada and the United States signed a reciprocal agreement for mutual acceptance of airworthiness certificates. This agreement covers aircraft as such and aircraft instruments, which include radio equipment.  Accordingly, Transport Canada will have to consider equipment acceptable or "authorizable" for use in Canada if it has been issued an airworthiness certificate by the US Administration.

In practice, the set in question bears a label or plate indicating that the US FCC has issued an airworthiness certificate (certified by FCC). Industry Canada therefore considers that it would be unduly restrictive to insist that applicants who do not intend to engage in business of importing aeronautical radio equipment or reselling aircraft fitted with a radio station have the radio equipment certified as technically acceptable.

Accordingly, unless District Offices have serious doubts about the origin of radio equipment (countries other than Canada and the US), it may be authorized.

Further, as specified in the guide detailing the administrative procedures for fixed-parameter licence applications, since Transport Canada does not issue airworthiness certificates unless the radio set complies with established standards, you will not have to do any search to determine Canadian or American acceptability."


It is the policy of Transport Canada, Aircraft Certification Branch, to accept radio equipment on the basis that it is either.

  1. listed in the IC Radio Equipment List, or
  2. has been imported by way of installation in an aircraft imported from the United States and carries a certification from the Federal Communication Commission (FCC).

Note 1: The operational use of radio equipment, for which no certification has been issued by either Industry Canada or the Federal Communication Commission, is illegal under the Radio Act.

Note 2: Radio equipment installed in aircraft imported from countries other than the United States must be certified by Industry Canada.

For Minister of Transport

K.J. Mansfield
Director, Aircraft Certification

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