Airworthiness Notice - B054, Edition 1 - 14 June 2000

Foreign Designed Engines Eligible for use on Foreign Designed Aircraft Registered in Canada


The purpose of this notice is to inform the aviation public of foreign designed and manufactured engine models that are eligible for use on foreign designed aircraft registered in Canada on the basis of their foreign engine type certificate, and for which no corresponding Canadian Engine Type Certificate was ever issued.


For the purpose of this notice, "eligible" engine for use on foreign designed aircraft registered in Canada, means an engine designed and manufactured in a foreign country, which, prior to the introduction of the requirements for the issuance of a Canadian Engine Type Approval/Certificate, had been:

  1. type certificated by the airworthiness authority holding design responsibility for the given engine model; and
  2. accepted by Transport Canada as part of a foreign designed aircraft.

The eligibility of foreign designed engines for which no Canadian Engine Type Certificate was issued is limited to:

  1. those piston engine models listed on Attachment I; and
  2. those turbine engine models listed on Attachment II.

Information pertaining to foreign designed piston and turbine engine models, intended for use on Canadian registered aircraft, and for which a Canadian Engine Type Certificate was issued, is available on the Transport Canada web site at


In the past, mainly prior to 1980, most engines designed in a foreign country were accepted by Transport Canada as part of the foreign designed aircraft model being imported in Canada.

In the early 1990s, foreign engines type certified under Subpart H of JAR 22, were being accepted as part of the very light aircraft model being imported in Canada without the issuance of a Canadian Engine Type Certificate.

Change in Engine Type Certification Policy

Effective 1 March 2000, Transport Canada will be issuing an Engine Type Certificate for all types of engines imported from any foreign country that are intended for use on Canadian registered aircraft, except for the engines listed on the eligibility lists.  Hence, a Canadian Engine Type Certificate will be required for all engines not on the eligibility lists.


For further information, or to report any error or omission in the two lists attached, please contact Transport Canada, Aircraft Certification Project Management, in Ottawa, telephone (613) 952-4341 or facsimile (613) 996-9178. 

Attachment I - Piston Engines

ALVIS Ltd LEONIDES LE 23 HMV Mk 73 H-36    
    514/8A A-83 E-11 (CAA)  
    502/4, 503/8 A-17, A-22    
AVCO Corp         See  LYCOMING
BRISTOL (UK) HERCULES 734 A-25 E-101 (CAA)  
DE HAVILLAND GIPSY MAJOR 1C A-2, A-3, A-6, A-19, A-73 E-17 (CAA)  
    10-3 A-19, A-64 E-55 (CAA)  
    C1G A-19    
  GIPSY VI A-10    
    II A-1    
  GIPSY QUEEN 70 A-28, A-29    
FAIRCHILD 6-440C Series 30, 6-440-C2, -C3, -C4, -C5 A-29 E-216 (FAA)  
FRANKLIN 2A-120     E24EA (FAA)  
  2A4 Series     TC# 240 (FAA)  
  4A-235 4A-235-B, -B2, -B3, -B4, -B6   E6EA (FAA)  
  4A4 4A4-75, -85, -95 Series   TC# 239 (FAA)  
  4AC-150 Series     ATC 194 (FAA)  
  4AC-171     TC# 206 (FAA)  
  4AC-176 Series     ATC 221 (FAA) Military O-175-1
  4AC-199 Series 4ACG-199 (O-200-1,  -5)   ATC 226 (FAA)  
  6A, 6V, 6V4 Series (O-235 Series)   E-244 (FAA)  
  6A-350, 6V-350 6A-350-D, -D1, -D1A, -D1B, -C1, -C1A, -C2, -C2A, 6V-350-A, -B, A-58, A-102 E9EA (FAA)  
  6A4, 6AG4 Series     E-238 (FAA)  
  6A8 Series     E-242 (FAA)  
(Franklin) 6AC-264 Series     TC# 222 (FAA)  
  6AC-298 Series (O-300-11)   TC# 225 (FAA)  
  6AL-315 Series (6A3 Series)   TC# 234 (FAA)  
  6AS-335 6AS-335-A, -B   E5EA (FAA)  
  6AS-350 6AS-350-A, -A1   E18EA (FAA)  
  6V-335 Series, 6VS-335 Series     1E2 (FAA)  
  6V6 Series (O-425-1)   E-258 (FAA)  
  Military O-425-9     Group 5E-13 (FAA)  
GLADDEN Products KINNER B-5, B-54, R-440-1, -3   ATC 51 (FAA)  
    R-5   ATC 62 (FAA)  
    R-55, -56   ATC 153 (FAA)  
JACOBS Aircraft L-6 Series     ATC 195 (FAA)  
LIMBACH L2000 E01 A-183   L13SL Vivat
  L2000   L-2   A-60/A-60+Airship
  L000 EB 1.A A-144   Grob G-109
  L2400 EB1.AD A-181   Stemme S10 and Stemme S10V
LYCOMING R-755 R-755A/B   E-237 (FAA)  
    R-755S, R-755SM   1ESW (FAA)  
  O-145 O-145-A Series   TC# 199 (FAA)  
    O-145-B, -C, GO-145 Series   TC# 210 (FAA)  
  O-235 Series O-290 Series   A-104 E-223 (FAA) E-229 (FAA)  
  O-320 Series   A-58, A-66, A-125 E-274 (FAA)  
  IO-320 IO-320, AIO-320, LIO-320, AEIO-320 Series A-153, A-174, A-185, A-186 1E12 (FAA)  
  O-340 Series     E-277 (FAA)  
  O-360 O-360 Series, HO-360 Series, LO-360 A-58, A-59, A-65, A-103, A-116, A-153 E-286 (FAA)  
  IO-360 IO-360, HIO-360, AIO-360, AIO-360, LIO-360, LHIO-360, AEIO-360 Series A-141, A-150, H-76 1E10 (FAA)  
  VO-360 VO-360, IVO-360 Series   1E1 (FAA)  
  O-435  O-435, GO-435 Series A-30 E-228 (FAA)  
  VO-435 Series     E-279 (FAA)  
  TVO-435 Series     1E13 (FAA)  
  GO-480 GO-480, IGO-480 Series A-61, A-111 E-275 (FAA)  
(Lycoming) GSO-480 GSO-480 Series, IGSO-480 A-78 E-284 (FAA)  
  O-540 Series   A-67, A-68, A-92, A-110 E-295 (FAA)  
  IO-540 Series   A-88, A-153 1E4 (FAA)  
  IG0-540 Series   A-78 1E11 (FAA)  
  IGSO-540 Series   A-90 1E7 (FAA)  
  IVO-540 Series     E11EA (FAA)  
  VO-540 Series     E-304 (FAA)  
  TIGO-541 Series     E19EA (FAA)  
  SO-580 SO-580, VSO-580 Series H-38 E-285 (FAA)  
  R-680 R-680   ATC 42 (FAA)  
    R-680-B2, -2, -BA   ATC 81 (FAA)  
    R-680-B4 Series   TC# 108 (FAA)  
    R-680-E Series   E-202 (FAA)  
  IO-720 Series   A-89 1E15 (FAA)  
MIKRON M III AE A-183   L13SHE Vivat
PRATT & WHITNEY Aircraft WASP JR (R-985) A A-91 ATC 39 (FAA)  
    B-4, B-5, SB, SB-2, SB-3, T1B2, T1B3 A-4, A-5, A-11, A-17, A-22, A-187 E-123 (FAA)  
    TB, TB2, T3A   TC# 85 (FAA)  
    T1B   TC# 113 (FAA)  
  Military R-985 Series     Group 5E-1 (FAA)  
  WASP (R-1340) A, B, C, CD, C1 A-5, A-8, A-9, A-80, A-91, A-100, A-105, A-143 ATC 14 (FAA)  
    S1H1, S1H1-G, S1H2, S1H4, S1H5-G, S3H2, R-1340-61 A-91, H-75 E-129 (FAA)  
    S3H1 A-5, A-80, A-91, A-143 E-143 (FAA)  
    S3H1-G, R1340-59 A-91 E-142 (FAA)  
  Military R-1340 Series   A-80 Group 5E-2 (FAA)  
  TWIN WASP A,B,C (R-1830)        
  Military R-1830 Series     Group 5E-4 (FAA)  
  TWIN WASP D (R-2000) TWIN WASP D3/5 A-49, A-93 E-230  
  Military R-2000 Series     Group 5E-5 (FAA)  
(Pratt & Whitney) DOUBLE WASP (R-2800) CA3, 5, 15, 17, 18, 19,  R-2800-97 A-86 E-231 (FAA)  
    CB Series   E-264 (FAA)  
  Military R-2800 Series     Group 5E-8 (FAA)  
ROLLS ROYCE MERLIN MERLIN 722/724 A-20, A-21   Also known as Packard
    MERLIN 620,622,626 A-18, A-21, A-84    
    MERLIN 24-2, 224, 225, or 500 Series A-33, A-34, A-39    
    MERLIN 113/14 A-34    
    MERLIN 224/5 A-39    
ROTAX 914 914F2/S1 A-181   Stemme S10-VT
  914 914F3, 914F4 A-182   HK36TTS & TTC
  912 912A2 A-182   HK36R Super Dimona
TELEDYNE CONTINENTAL A-40 A-40-2, -3, -4   ATC 72 (FAA)  
  A-65 Series (O-170 Series)   E-205 (FAA)  
  A-75 Series     E-213 (FAA)  
  A-80 Series     TC# 217 (FAA)  
  C-75 / C-85 Series   A-15 E-233 (FAA)  
  C-90 / O-200 Series   A-58 E-252 (FAA)  
  C-115 / C-125 Series     E-236 (FAA)  
  C-145 / O-300 Series   A-58 E-253 (FAA)  
  E-165 / E-185 Series     E-246 (FAA)  
  E-225 Series     E-267 (FAA)  
  R-670 Series     ATC 80,  ATC 120, E-162 (FAA)  
  W-670 Series     E-162 (FAA)  
  GO-300 Series     E-298 (FAA)  
  IO-346 IO-346-A, -B   E3CE (FAA)  
  IO-360 Series     E1CE (FAA)  
  TSIO-360, LTSIO-360 Series     E9CE (FAA)  
  O-470 Series     E-269 (FAA)  
  IO-470 Series, LIO-470-A     3E1 (FAA)  
  IO-520 Series   A-115 E5CE (FAA)  
(Teledyne Continental) GTSIO-520 Series   A-121 E7CE (FAA)  
  TSIO-520 Series, LTISO-520-AE     E8CE (FAA)  
  6-285 (Tiara) 6-285-A, -B, -BA, -C, -CA A-118, A-119 E12CE (FAA)  
  IO-550 IO-550-B/C/D   E3SO (FAA)  
WALTER Minor 4 III A-40   Czech
WARNER DIVISION SCARAB Series 28, 29, 30, 40, 50   TC# 2 (FAA)  
    40, 50, 50A (R-500-2, -4, -6)   TC# 104 (FAA)  
  SUPER SCARAB 165 Series (R-550-1, -3)   TC# 214 (FAA)  
WRIGHT AERONAUTICAL (Curtiss- Wright Corp) CURTISS OX-5, OXX-6   Group 2 (FAA)  
  CYCLONE Military R-1300 Series A-105 Group 5E-14 (FAA)  
  CYCLONE C9GC, C9GD Series A-60 E-219 (FAA)  
    957C7BA1   E-261 (FAA)  
    990C7BA1   E-289 (FAA)  
    C9HD Series   E-243 (FAA)  
    C9HE Series (R-1820-80)   E-259 (FAA)  
    742C14BB1, 2, 3   E-248 (FAA)  
  Double Row CYCLONE Military R-2600 Series   Group 5E-9 (FAA)  
  Double Row CYCLONE 739C18BA3, 745C18BA3, 4, 748C18BD1, 3   E-218 (FAA)  
    956C18CA1, 975C18CB1   E-270 (FAA)  
  Double Row Turbo CYCLONE 972TC18DA1 (R-3350-34, -91), 972TC18DA2, 3, 4 A-52, A-107 E-272 (FAA)  
    981TC18EA1, 988TC18EA1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6   E-287 (FAA)  
  GR-1820 G-102 Series (R-1820-57, -79, -81, -83,  -85, -89)   TC# 169 (FAA)  
    G-103 Series   TC# 180 (FAA)  
    G-105 Series, 718C9GB1   TC# 192 (FAA)  
  SR & SGR-1820 F-2  (R & GR-1820F-2A)   ATC 98  (FAA)  
    F-2B, F-52, F-52A (R &GR-1820F-62)   ATC 148 (FAA)  
    F-3 (R & GR-1820F-3A)   ATC 103 (FAA)  
    F-3B, F-53 (R-1820-75)   TC# 149 (FAA)  
    F-31   ATC 101 (FAA)  
(Wright) R & GR-1820 F-55, F-65   TC# 198 (FAA)  
    F-56   TC# 159 (FAA)  
    G-2, G-2E (R-1820-49, -53, -55)   TC# 157 (FAA)  
    G-3, G-3B (R-1820-77)   TC# 171 (FAA)  
    G-5, G-5E (R-1820-22)   TC# 154 (FAA)  
    G-102 Series (R-1820-57, -79, -81, -83, -85, -89)   TC# 169 (FAA)  
    G-103 Series   TC# 180 (FAA)  
    G-105 Series (718C9GB1)   TC# 192 (FAA)  
  Military R-1820 Series   A-44, A-105 Group 5E-10 (FAA)  
  R-540 R-540, A, B, D, E, GR-540E   ATC 23 (FAA)  
  R-760 R-760, A, B, D, E   ATC 26 (FAA)  
    E-1   TC# 94 (FAA)  
    E-2   TC# 155 (FAA)  
    E-3   TC# 126 (FAA)  
  Military R-760 Series     Group 5E-6 (FAA)  
  R-975 R-975, A, B, D, E   ATC 21 (FAA)  
    C, GR-975C   ATC 64 (FAA)  
    E-1   TC# 87 (FAA)  
    E-2   ATC 78 (FAA)  
    E-3   TC# 125 (FAA)  
    F   TC# 211 (FAA)  
  Military R-975 Series     Group 5E-7 (FAA)  

CAA - Civil Aviation Authority

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration

Attachment II - Turbine Engines

ALLISON 501 501-D13, -D13D, -D22A, -D22G   E-282 (FAA)  
    TPE 331-25, TPE 331-25A, 25AA, 25AB, A-96 E2WE (FAA)  
  TPE 331-12 TPE 331-12UH A-162  (BAe Jetstream 3200/3212)    
  TPE 331-1 TPE 331-1 (See DR 6 Jul 99)   E3WE  
  TPE 331-2 TPE 331-2 (See DR 6 Jul 99)   E3WE (Short& Harland A94)  
  TPE 331-3 TPE 331-3U   (Swearingen SA226T)  
  TPE 331-43 TPE 331-43A   E4WE (Aero Commander A680V)  
  TPE 331-55 TPE 331-55   E2WE  
GENERAL ELECTRIC CF6 CF6-6-45, -50 A-123, A-126, A-151 E23EA (FAA)  
  CF700 CF700-2C, -2D, -2D-2 A-81 E7EA (FAA)  
  CT64 CT64-820-4 A-77, A-124 E13EA (FAA)  
LYCOMING ALF-502 ALF-502L, L-2, L-2A, L-3, R-2, R-3, R-3A,    R-4, R-5,  R-6 A-151 E6NE (FAA)  
  T53 T5311A, 5311B   E1EA (FAA)  
    T5313B, 5317A, 5317A1   E17EA (FAA)  
  T55 T5508D H-80    
NAPIER  ELAND 504A A-48    
PRATT & WHITNEY Aircraft JT3D JT3D-3, -3B, -3C, -7, -7A   1E8 (FAA)  
  JT8D JT8D-7, -9, -15, -17, -17R A-179 E2EA (FAA)  
  JFTD12A JFTD12A-4A, -5A   E15EA (FAA)  
  JT9D JT9D-3, -3A, -7, -7A, -7AH, -7J, -7H A-126 E20EA (FAA)  
    JT9D-7R4D, -7R4D1, -7R4E, -7R4E1, -7R4E4 A-137 E3NE (FAA)  
ROLLS ROYCE DART 506 A-31 E2016 (CAA)  
    510, 510F A-31, A50 E2020 (CAA)  
    511, 511-7E   E2021 (CAA)  
(Rolls Royce)   514, 514-7   E2035 (CAA)  
    527 A-57 E2029 (CAA)  
    532-1, -7, -7R A-101, A-148 E2039 (CAA)  
    533-2, 534-2, 536-2 A-87 E2044 (CAA)  
    535-2 A-148 E2045 (CAA)  
    542 A-95 E2034 (CAA)  
  RB211 RB211-22B A-127 E1043 (CAA)  
    RB211-524 A-127 E1043 (CAA)  
  SPEY 506-14D A-98, A-129 E1028 (CAA)  
    511-8, -14   E1032 (CAA)  
  TYNE 506   E2033 (CAA)  
    512 A-54 E2037 (CAA)  
    515   E2038 (CAA)  
  Type 12 515 A-55, A-113    
  VIPER 521   E1025 (CAA)  
    522   E1033 (CAA)  
    601   E1038 (CAA)  
TURBOMECA ARTOUSTE IIB1, IIC, IIC1, IIC2, IIC5, IIC6, IIIB H-72, H-74 M12 (DGAC)             
  ASTAZOU II, III, IIIA, XII, XVIIIA A-78, A-94, H-77, H-81 M6 (DGAC)  
  BASTAN VI C1 A-97                           
  MAKILA 1A                           H-78 M10 (DGAC)  
  MARBORE II C3         A-85                           
  TURMO IVA, IVC H-78    

CAA - Civil Aviation Authority

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration

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