Airworthiness Notice - B057, Edition 1 - 5 September 2000

 Revision to the Small Operator Maintenance Control Manual


This notice provides information regarding the Small Operator Maintenance Control Manual (SOMCM).Operators who utilize this manual should be aware that from time to time Transport Canada will amend the SOMCM to reflect changes in the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR). A recent amendment to the SOMCM dictates that all operators who utilize the SOMCM contact Transport Canada to obtain the amended version.


The SOMCM was developed to assist operators by offering a means of meeting the Maintenance Control Manual (MCM) requirements of CAR 406.38 and CAR 706.08. Small operators are free to adopt the SOMCM or to develop their own. Those operators who wish to deviate from the procedures outlined in this document shall develop an MCM containing alternative procedures and submit it for approval in accordance with CAR 406.38 or CAR 706.08.


Operators who utilize the SOMCM are to contact their Principal Maintenance Inspector (PMI) for a copy of the amended version, complete the required information and submit the completed manual to the PMI for approval in accordance with CAR 406.38 or CAR 706.08.  No fees are applicable in this regard.

Transport Canada has published Maintenance and Manufacturing Staff Instruction 16 (MSI-16) to assist operators in the use of the SOMCM and to provide guidance on the data that must be entered in the SOMCM. Copies may be obtained from your local Transport Canada Centre or may be viewed on the Transport Canada Civil Aviation web site at

For Minister of Transport

D.B. Sherritt

Director, Maintenance and Manufacturing

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