Airworthiness Notices - D001, Edition 1, 28 June 1996

DHC-2 Beaver - Engine Compartment Fire Extinguisher System

(This Airworthiness Notice replaces AN B010 Edition 1 dated 21 June 1993.)


The purpose of this notice is to inform DHC-2 operators and owners of available options concerning the engine fire extinguishing system.


Canadian DHC-2 Beaver aircraft which were type approved in Canada on the basis of the pre-1947 edition of the British Civil Airworthiness Requirements (BCAR) required the installation of a fire extinguisher system (Firex) in the engine compartment.

The installation of such a system was never required on DHC-2 aircraft which were type certificated in the United States on the basis of Civil Airworthiness Regulations (CAR 3), however, this installation became mandatory on foreign aircraft, where imported in Canada, in order to conform to Type Approval A-22.

At the present time, neither the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) 23, Amendment 34, nor the 1987 edition of BCARs, require the installation of such a system.

Option 1

The removal of the Firex system on Canadian registered DHC-2 aircraft, including the blanking of the firewall and instrument panel, may be done under a Supplemental Type Approval (STA) or a Limited STA in accordance with the provisions set forth in Chapter 513 of the Airworthiness Manual. So far, separate STAs have been issued to:

Springer Aerospace Limited
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario


Hearst Air Service Ltd.
Hearst, Ontario

In addition, the removal of the Firex system has also been accomplished and approved on specific aircraft serial numbers under the previous "major modification approval system (one-off)".

DHC-2 operators/owners who are contemplating the removal of the Firex system may apply for the issue of an STA or a Limited STA, or negotiate arrangements with STA holders mentioned above, if the STA holders are interested in providing the required support.

Note: The removal of the Firex system requires the development of a Flight Manual Supplement to reflect changes in emergency procedures.

Option 2

The installation of the Firex system remains optional. However, where installed, the system shall be maintained in a serviceable state.

Notwithstanding the lack of regulatory provisions for the installation of a Firex system on DHC-2 aircraft, such an installation is considered a valuable asset and deserves consideration.

For Minister of Transport

K.J. Mansfield D.B. Sherritt
Acting Director, Airworthiness Branch 
Acting Director, Maintenance and Manufacturing

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