Airworthiness Notice - D002, Edition 2 - 17 January 1997

Single-Pilot Operation of the Cessna Models 500, 550, S550, 552 and 560 Aircraft

(This Airworthiness Notice supersedes AN D002, Edition 1 dated 28 June 1996.)


The Cessna Models 500, 550, S550, 552 and 560 are Transport category (Part 25) aeroplanes whereas the Cessna Models 501 and 551 are Normal category (Part 23) aeroplanes. It has been stated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and agreed by Transport Canada that the Cessna Models 500, 550, S550, 552 and 560 are similar to the Models 501 and 551. For some time, the Models 501 and 551 have been accepted by Transport Canada for single-pilot operation with certain equipment required to be installed as specified in the Airplane Flight Manual (AFM).

In order to permit single-pilot operation of the Cessna Models 500, 550, S550, 552 and 560, the FAA has chosen to grant exemptions to operating rules rather than revise the certification basis. Transport Canada has chosen to grant the airworthiness certification for single-pilot operation through the Supplemental Type Approval process with operational and licensing requirements being addressed in accordance with existing regulations.

Certification Requirements

The airworthiness certification will be subject to the following conditions:

  1. The following equipment is required to be installed and operative:
    1. an autopilot with approach coupling capability;
    2. a flight director;
    3. a boom microphone; and
    4. a transponder ident button on the pilot's control wheel.
  2. Equipment and procedures specific to single-pilot operation will be detailed in a Supplement to the Airplane Flight Manual. This Supplement must state the conditions under which it is valid, and must include at least the following:
    1. a list of equipment required for single-pilot operations, as identified in section 1 above; and
    2. a statement to the effect that use of the Supplement requires specific operational approval by Transport Canada.
      Examples of Supplements are available from Regional Airworthiness Offices and from Flight Test Division in Headquarters.

Application and Procedure

Application for the issue of a Supplemental Type Approval should be made directly to the Transport Canada Regional Airworthiness Office. In addition to the requirements of Airworthiness Manual Chapter 513, each applicant must address, as a minimum, the equipment and associated AFM requirements as detailed in Airworthiness Manual Advisory 513.19.

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