Maintenance and Manufacturing Staff Instructions, MSI 24 - Appendix B

Appendix B

Schedule G-5: Civil Aviation Safety Inspectors Maintenance & Manufacturing

Name of Inspector: Name of Supervisor:
No. Regulation Description Applicable
Y / N
Date of
1. 103.02(1) Notify owner/operator to make aircraft available for inspection
2. 103.02(2) Demand person to produce document/record for inspection
3. 103.04(b) Obtain paper copies of (computer) records
4. 103.06(2) To include in a notice issued pursuant to 7(1) & (2) of the Act: (a) effective date; (b) conditions; (c) statement about stay [see #70 below]
5. 103.06(3) To include in a notice issued pursuant to 7.1 (1) & (2) of the Act: (a) effective date; (b) conditions; (c) statement about stay [see #71 below]
6. 103.07 Suspend, cancel, refuse to renew document when surrendered, illegible, aircraft destroyed / withdrawn, service discontinued
7. 103.09 Mark, care for and return to owner anything seized pursuant to 8.7(1)(c)
8. 103.10 Care for and return aircraft detained pursuant to 8.7(1)(d)
9. 201.01(3) Authorize alternate location for data plate on an aircraft
10. 201.01(6) Authorize attachment of new data plate onto an aircraft
11. 201.03(3) Authorize to perform action requested pursuant to 201.03(2) &(1) aircraft data plates: (a) remove or replace; (b) attach from another aircraft; (c) alter information
12. 201.04(2) Authorize replacement of lost, stolen or damaged aircraft data plate
13. 201.12(4) Authorize action to aeronautical product data plate (remove, replace, alter information)
14. 202.46(1) Request aircraft owner to advise of aircraft location and condition
15. 400.02(4)(b) Approve hand held computer for exams
16. 400.04(5) Authorize exam rewrite and specify conditions
17. 403.03 Issue and endorse aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) licence
18. 403.08(2) Issue approved training organization (ATO) certificate
19.  403.08(3) Approve Policy Manual/Training Control Manual and any amendments, if the manual and amendments meet the requirements of Stand. 566
20. 406.11 Determine in respect of maintenance requirements the ability to maintain operational Control System/licensing standards.
21. 406.36 Approve the Person Responsible for the Maintenance (PRM) Control System in accordance       with the Commercial Air Service Standards.
22. 406.38(1)(b)  Authorize deviations to Flight Training Unit (FTU)
23. 406.38(1)(d)  Instruct FTU to amend MCM
24. 406.38(2) Authorize FTU to incorporate procedures into MCM
25. 406.38(3) Approve a maintenance control manual and any amendments, where the personal licensing standards are met.
26. 406.39(1)(c) Approve performance of maintenance for FTU
27. 406.39(2)(b) Approve maintenance arrangements for FTU
28. 406.39(3) Issue maintenance specification authorizing FTU maintenance arrangements outside of Canada
29. 501.03 Agree to Annual Airworthiness Information Report (AAIR) date
30. 507.02 Issue a C of A
31. 507.03 Issue Special C of A
32. 507.04 Issue flight permit for experiment, ferry, import/export, demo-training, test or other
507.05 Validate foreign flight authority for flight in Canada
34. 507.05 Determine that foreign aircraft with validation is safe for flight
35. 507.06(5) Inspect aircraft subject to C of A application
36. 507.08(1) Issue additional flight authority for aircraft damaged, flown to maintenance site, with multiple configurations
37. 507.09 Prescribe or amend operating conditions on flight authority
 38. 507.12 Amend flight authority issued pursuant to CAR 507
39. 507.13  Replace a lost/destroyed flight authority of a Canadian aircraft as specified in Standard 507  
40. 509.03(1) Issue Export Airworthiness Certificate for an aircraft that conforms
 41. 509.03(2) Issue Export Airworthiness Certificate that specifies non-conformity for an aircraft that does not conform
42. 513.10 Make inspection or test to determine compliance with the standards 513.07
43. 523.1529 To find acceptable instruction for Continued Airworthiness
44. 525.1529 To find acceptable instructions for Continued Airworthiness
45. 527.1529 To find acceptable instructions for Continued Airworthiness
46. 529.1529 To find acceptable instructions for Continued Airworthiness
47. 531.82 To find acceptable instructions for Continued Airworthiness
48. 533.4 To find acceptable instructions for Continued Airworthiness
 49. 535.4 To find acceptable instructions for Continued Airworthiness
 50. 571.08(2) Authorize the part to remain in service
 51. 573.02(1) Issue approval certificate to an AMO
52. 573.03 Approve the person responsible for maintenance (PRM)
 53. 573.10(2) Authorize AMO to incorporate procedures by reference into MPM
  54. 573.10(4) Authorize non-conformity with MPM requirements
 55. 573.10(6) Instruct AMO to amend MPM
 56. 573.10(9) To approve a Maintenance Policy Manual (MPM)
 57. 573.11(1)(c) Otherwise approve non-conforming maintenance
 58. 573.11(3) Otherwise approve non-conforming arrangements for work by external agents
 59. 604.05(1) Determine private operator compliance with requirements
 60. 604.48(2) Authorize a deviation
 61. 604.80(4)(c) Approve maintenance requirements of private operator operations manual  (landing minima, training, maintenance control)
 62. 605.07(3) Approve all MEL maintenance functions and procedures of an air operator
 63. 605.86(2) Approve aircraft maintenance schedule
 64. 605.86(3) Authorize deviation to maintenance schedule
 65. 701.10 Issue Flight Authorization
 66. 702.07(1) Determine ability of Aerial Work applicant
 67. 702.07(2)(b) (iii) To approve the maintenance manager in accordance with Commercial Air Service Standards
 68. 702.81(4) Approve maintenance sections of Aerial Work operations manual
 69. 703.07(1) Determine ability of Air Taxi applicant
 70. 703.07(2)(b)(iii) Approve Air Taxi maintenance manager
 71. 703.104(4) Approve maintenance sections of Air Taxi operations manual
 72. 704.07(1) Determine ability of Commuter Operations applicant
73. 704.07(2)(b)(iii) Approve Commuter Operations maintenance manager
74. 704.120(4) To approve, where Commercial Air Service Stand. Are met, those parts of a company operations manual and any amendments to those parts, that relate to the information required by Section 704.121
 75. 705.07(1) Determine ability of Airline Operations applicant
 76. 705.07(2)(b) (iii) Approve Airline Operation maintenance manager
 77. 705.134(4) To approve, where the Commercial Air Service Standards are met, those parts of a company operations manual and amendments to those parts, that relate to the information required by Section 705.135
 78. 706.03 To approve the Person Responsible for the Maintenance (PRM) Control System in accordance with the Commercial Air Services Standards
 79. 706.08(2) Authorize incorporation of referenced procedures into Air Operator MCM
 80. 706.08(3) Authorize Air Operator non-compliance with MCM
 81. 706.08(5) Instruct Air Operator to amend MCM
 82. 706.08(8) To approve an Air Operator’s Maintenance Control Manual (MCM)/amendments to that manual, if requirements of the Commercial Air Service Standards are met
 83. 706.09(1)(c) Approve otherwise unapproved Air Operator Maintenance
 84. 706.09(2)(b) Approve Air Operator maintenance arrangements
 85. 706.09(3) Authorize maintenance (outside Canada) by an organization who does not hold an AMO
 86. Act 6.71(1) To refuse to issue
 87. Act 7(1) Suspend documents (not AOC) for immediate threat
 88. Act 7(1) & (2) Notify document holder of immediate threat decision action
 89. Act 7.1(1(b) b), (c) and (2) Suspend airworthiness related documents (not AOC) for incompetence, ceases to have the qualifications or meet or comply with conditions or in public interest and to notify the holder
 90. Act 8.7(1) Enter any aircraft or facility related to aeronautics for the purpose of inspection, seize anything found and detain any unsafe aircraft
 91. Act. 8.7 (1.1) Carrying out an inspection or audit in any place referred to in paragraph (1) a
 92. Act 8.7(6) To use force in executing a warrant under subsection 8.7(5) of the Aeronautics Act

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