The International Maintenance Review Board Policy Board (IMRBPB)

The Aircraft Evaluation Group actively participates in the IMRBPB. The and Transport Canada but is open to any Regulatory Authority prepared to actively participate. Currently additional authorities include Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong and United Kingdom. Meetings rotate between Canada, the USA and Europe, and are normally held twice per year.

The IMRBPB was established as a means for the continuing development of policies, procedures and guidance for the use of personnel participating on the various Maintenance Review Boards (MRBs) around the world. Objectives of the Policy Board include harmonization/standardization of MRB policy and procedures among the various regulatory authorities.

The IMRPB provides a structured forum for discussions leading to the development of national and international policy regarding all MRB activities. The [IMRBPB Charter] states within the terms of reference that each regulatory authority will be responsible for disseminating and distributing harmonized policy information in a timely manner and the IMRBPB will only discuss issues related to the MRB/MSG process. All issues will be based upon the latest revision of:

  • [TCCA TP 13850 Scheduled Maintenance Instruction Development Processes];
  • Federal Aviation Administration, AC121-22A, Maintenance Review Board Procedures; and,
  • JAA Administrative & Guidance Material, Chapter 16, Procedures for Maintenance Review Boards Procedures.

For the purpose of disseminating the IMRBPB information to the aviation public the attached Web Site page, titled "[IMRBPB Issue Papers]" is populated with the content of each issue paper and IMRBPB position with respect to the issue.


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