Study and Reference Guide - Appendix B

Topic area: Applicable to exam:
Potential areas of study for the Oral interview: PRMN PRMA
ACA/SCA holders – responsibilities (ACA/SCA versus AMO); x  
Appointed position - duties and responsibilities; x x
Contracting out work – responsibilities of the AMO; x  
Defect control;   x
Elementary work & servicing – control of;   x
Fleet sampling – techniques;   x
Functional responsibilities – duties of assigned personnel; x x
Maintenance release - requirements; x x
Maintenance schedules – acceptable reference data;   x
Mandatory maintenance tasks – types & methods of control off;   x
Parts & Non-conforming parts and materials - control and traceability; x  
Quality Assurance – functions; x  
Record keeping – requirements & responsibilities; x x
Reliability programs;   x
Repairs and modifications – acceptable references data; x  
Repetitive inspections – control of;   x
Responsibilities - AMO versus Operator; x x
Technical dispatch – requirements;   x
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