Technical Program Evaluation and Co-ordination

The Technical Program Evaluation and Co-ordination Division (TPEC) is responsible for providing technical support functions to the Standards Branch in support of all Civil Aviation rulemaking. TPEC’s functions are divided into four sections: National Programs, Program Evaluation, Regulatory Co-ordination and Safety Promotion. Each section within TPEC plays a critical role in the successful functioning of the Standards Branch.

  • National Programs is responsible for all regulatory and policy initiatives that cross multiple regulatory functions, such as safety management systems (SMS), fatigue risk management programs and the Civil Aviation Surveillance Policy.
  • Program Evaluation assists the Standards Branch management in measuring how effectively Standards Branch Technical Program meets the planned outcomes and objectives through a structured review process. Evaluation results are documented and analyzed in order to demonstrate program effectiveness and to identify any trends. Where program objectives are not met, or where improvement opportunities are identified, the Program Evaluation Section carries out cause analysis and provides advice to Standards Branch management for program improvement.
  • Regulatory Co-ordination is responsible for the development and co-ordination of the Standards Branch Technical Plan, which includes the regulations, standards, guidance materials, and promotional materials produced by the Standards Branch. In addition, the Section co-ordinates and provides a liaison role on international activities, such as bilateral and technical arrangements and new rulemaking initiatives, and co-ordinates and manages regional inquiries on the Standards Branch Technical Program.
  • Safety Promotion is responsible for the development and publication of the Aviation Safety Letter (ASL) and any promotional activity that supports the Standards Branch Technical Program, including publications, newsletters, bulletins, and presentations, as well as awareness training, symposia, and meetings.

Inspection and Audit Manual - TP 8606E

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