Aviation Safety Newsletters

The Aviation Safety Letter (ASL) is published quarterly by Transport Canada, Civil Aviation.

The ASL includes articles that address aviation safety from all perspectives, such as safety insight derived from accidents and incidents, information tailored to the needs of maintenance and servicing personnel and Safety Maintainer, the Aviation Safety Vortex and the Aviation Safety Ultralight and Balloon newsletters.

We now have CD-ROMs containing all English and French issues of Aviation Safety Maintainer from 1982 through 2004 (TP3658 CD), Aviation Safety Ultralight & Balloon from 1985 to 2001 and the Aviation Safety Vortex from 1976 through 2004.

Purchase your copy of this CD-ROM from transport Canada's Online Publications Storefront. Back issues are in PDF format only.

The contents do not necessarily reflect official policy and, unless stated, should not be construed as regulations or directives. Letters with comments and suggestions are invited. All correspondence should include the author's name, address and telephone number. The editor reserves the right to edit all published articles. The author's name and address will be withheld from publication upon request.

Editor, Aviation Safety Letter
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E-mail: TC.ASL-SAN.TC@tc.gc.ca
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