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Runway Safety

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MPS-066 Stop! Inventory Your Tools After Each Job PDF
TP 2480 The end of the tail could be... the end of your life! PDF
TP 2797 VFR Flight Into Adverse Weather Can Be Deadly HTML
TP 3014 They Didn't Make the Meeting! PDF
TP 3084 The walk from A to B could take... the rest of your life! PDF
TP 3795 Make your weather decision while you still have a choice HTML
TP 5304 That's TIME in your TANKS PDF
TP 5305 Judgment Your Decision... Can you live with it? PDF
TP 5306 Dressed For Survival? PDF
TP 5307 Work + Time = Fatigue - Don't find your limit by accident PDF
TP 5905 Incorrect loading can have an IMPACT PDF
TP 7088 Where Did it Come From?  Where is it Going? PDF
TP 7875 Safety in the air starts on the ground - MAINTENANCE PDF
TP 8675 Day VFR Pilots - Don't leave yourself in the dark PLAN AHEAD HTML
TP 9257 Flying single-engined helicopters far over the water can get very quiet, and shortly afterwards... WET! PDF
TP 10007 Rise High With Safety  JPG
TP 10063 It Will Pass...  Wait it Out! HTML
TP 10104 Maintenance Personnel... Be Vigilant! PDF
TP 11055 Aircraft Corrosion PDF
TP 11461 Aircraft Spark Plugs tell a story... PDF
TP 11541 Uncontrolled Aerodrome - VFR Circuit Procedures PDF
TP 11554 Spark Plug Installation Safety Tips PDF
TP 11962 Uncontrolled Aerodrome IFR Procedures PDF
TP 12273 Safety in Flight begins with the PREFLIGHT   HTML
TP 13390 When seconds count... annual CRM training pays off PDF
TP 13717 Cats Can See in the Dark... You Can't - Be Aware of the Hazards of Night Flying PDF
TP 14205 Warning! Don't Fly into CYR 724- Gagetown Restricted Area PDF
TP 14341 UNSAR costs are UNREAL... New PDF
TP 14346 Flying on Board Seaplanes New PDF
TP 15223 Snowbirds can fly over Parliament Hill... YOU CAN’T. PDF
Unruly Passenger Public Awareness Campaign Posters
TP 13381 Did you know that unacceptable behaviour is NOT tolerated! PDF
TP 13382 Interference with crew members is NOT tolerated PDF
Runway Incursions Awareness Campaign Posters
TP 14007 Final Approach - All Clear? Be sure! Runway Incursions Are Real! (Helicopter) PDF
TP 13840 Authorized! Be Sure! Runway Incursions Are Real! (Pilot) PDF
TP 13841 Authorized! Be Sure! Runway Incursions Are Real! (Truck) PDF
TP 13865 Don't Let It Get This Far! Runway Incursions Are Real! (Tower) PDF
TP 13866 Each Taxi Scenario Is Different. Be Sure! Runway Incursions Are Real! (Pilots) PDF
TP 14010 Everything Moves At An Aiprort. Be Aware! Runway Incursions Are Real! (Runway) New PDF
The Dirty Dozen Series Posters
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  • Lack of Communication
  • Complacency
  • Lack of Knowledge
  • Distraction
  • Lack of Teamwork
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of Resources
  • Pressure
  • Lack of Assertiveness
  • Stress
  • Lack of Awareness
  • Norms

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