On June 25, 2014, the Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport launched a statutory Review of the Canada Transportation Act. She appointed six eminent Canadians to lead this ‘arm’s length’ Review. The Honourable David L. Emerson, P.C., O.B.C., will head the Review with the support of five Advisors representing a broad range of transportation perspectives and industry experience from various regions of the country. The Advisors are: Mr. Murad Al-Katib, Mr. David Cardin, Mr. Duncan Dee, Mrs. Marie-Lucie Morin and Ms. Marcella Szel. The Review will be also be supported by a Secretariat.

The Government of Canada regularly reviews its policies and regulations to ensure they serve Canada’s current and future needs. The Review provides a unique opportunity to consider how the national transportation system can best be leveraged to support Canada’s continuing economic growth. It reaffirms the Government of Canada’s commitment to meeting the transportation challenges and opportunities of the next decade in a sustainable manner.

The mandate of this Review stems from the Canada Transportation Act which requires a comprehensive review of the operation of the Act and certain other acts pertaining to the economic regulation of transportation. The Chair will be guided by the Terms of Reference, established by the Minister, which determine the scope for the Review, including provisions of the Act that are relevant to the transportation of grain by rail, and more broadly to the rail-based supply chain for all commodities. This will take into account the broader goal of a commercially based, market-driven multi-modal transportation system that delivers the best possible service in support of economic growth and prosperity.

Under the legislation, a report is required to be provided to the Minister 18 months after the appointment of one more persons to carry out the comprehensive Review. Transport Canada will then carefully consider the findings of the report and any actions that can further strengthen the safety, efficiency and competitiveness of Canada’s transportation system.

A thorough statutory Review of the Canada Transportation Act was last completed in 2001. The proposed amendments which followed were the culmination of extensive discussions and consultations aimed at updating the legislative framework that governs significant components of Canada's national transportation system. The 2001 report can be found at:

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