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Contractor Title
AECOM Overview and Long-Term Outlook for Inter-City Passenger Rail
Robert C. Ashby Comparative Analysis of Canadian & U.S. Approaches to Accessible Transportation Standards
Asia Pacific Foundation Understanding Asia in 2030 and the Implications for Canadian Transportation Policy
Gordon Baldwin Multi-modal Data Dashboard – Performance and Management for Strategic Decisions: An Examination of Federal Transportation Data
CAPA Centre for Aviation Cost-Benefit Analysis of Restricting and Liberalising International Air Access To Canada
CBS Capitol Business Solutions Comparison of Canadian and U.S. Approaches to Transportation Accessibility
Colorado State University Incentives and Subsidies for Greening Freight Transportation Supply Chains
John Coleman Freight Rail Transportation in Canada: The Interrelationships Among Capacity, Congestion, System Optimization, and Levels of Service
Conference Board of Canada A Strategic Approach to Transportation Infrastructure Funding in Canada
CPCS Transcom Limited Global Scan of Penalties and Associated Regimes for Railway Service Breaches
CPCS Transcom Limited Impact of Future Bulk Commodity Flows on the Canadian Transportation System
CPCS Transcom Limited Report on the Western Grain Transportation Maximum Revenue Entitlement
Dawson Strategic United States' Transportation Supply Chain Barriers
Dr. Bruce Doern The Relevance of Common Carrier Provision in the Context of “Social License” and Social Regulation Concepts: Key Priorities, Complexity and Legitimacy in Long Term Canadian National Transportation Policy and Governance
Ann Frye Limited Comparing Canadian and European Approaches to Transportation Accessibility
Ann Frye Limited Comparative Analysis of Canadian & European approaches to accessible transportation standards
Brendon Hemily on behalf of ITS Canada Surface Transportation-related Technological Innovation in Canada and Abroad
John Higginbotham Canadian Arctic Marine Transportation: Long-term Challenges and Opportunities – Unlocking Economic and Natural Resource Development
IBI Group Canada’s Transportation System: Identification of “Critical Trade-Related Infrastructure” and Approaches to Funding
ICF International Action to Take to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Rail
Institute on Governance Port Governance Review
Kieran MAS International Comparison of Passenger Rail Systems
MariNova Consulting Ltd. Analysis of Short Sea Shipping and Extending the Seaway Season
Mary R. Brooks Transportation Consulting Port Performance Measures- Identification, Summary and Assessment of Port Fluidity and Congestion Measures
PBX Engineering Ltd. Supply Chain Technological Innovation
PROLOG Canada Inc. A Preview of Northern Resource Corridor Development: Prospects for Arctic and Northern Surface and Marine Corridors
Public Interest Advocacy Centre Consumer Protections for Airline Passengers
René Drolet Consulting Services Action to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Marine Vessels
Research and Traffic Group Overview of Long-term Scenarios for Regional and Remote Passenger Rail in Canada
RP Erickson & Associates Comparison of Approaches for Supporting, Protecting & Encouraging Remote Air Services
Brad Tipler Utilizing Wireless Communication Applications to Improve Transportation Safety and Efficiency
University of Manitoba - Transport Institute An Assessment of Foreign Investment Limits on Air Service Provision in Canada
University of Toronto, Institute for Aerospace Studies Actions to Reduce the Climate Change Impact of the Aviation Sector
Van Horne Institute and PROLOG Canada Over-dimensional Loads – a Canadian Solution
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