Engagement opportunity: marine safety and security regulations

Current status: Open

This engagement is now open.


This is an opportunity to attend meetings of the Canadian Marine Advisory Council (CMAC) and share your views on marine safety and security.


The opportunity is open to government, the marine industry, unions and the general public.


You are invited to comment on changes to marine safety and security regulations by attending regional or national meetings of the CMAC.

The CMAC represents parties with an interest in shipping, navigation and marine pollution concerns. We advise the government on issues and opportunities related to marine safety and security, and release reports each year based on our findings.

Five regional CMAC meetings take place in the Pacific, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic, and Prairie and Northern regions. The national CMAC meeting is held in Ottawa and is made up of standing committees and working groups.

CMAC standing committees

Standing Committee on Construction and Equipment

This committee discusses topics involving:

  • lifesaving and fire equipment
  • structural and electrical requirements
  • load lines
  • hulls

Standing Committee on Domestic Vessel Regulatory Oversight

This committee discusses regulations, policies and initiatives related to the inspection and certification of Canadian non-pleasure vessels of all sizes.

Standing Committee on the Environment

This committee discusses environmental issues facing the marine sector in Canada, with a focus on Transport Canada's regulatory program. Issues include:

  • pollution prevention
  • environmental response
  • compensation and liabilities
  • ballast water management
  • transfer of invasive species
  • climate change

Standing Committee on Fishing Vessel Safety

This committee discusses topics that involve:

  • design, construction, operation, compliance and crewing
  • certification and training requirements for crew

Standing Committee on Marine Security

This committee discusses marine transportation system security. It advises the federal government on domestic and international marine security initiatives.

Standing Committee on Navigation and Operations

This committee discusses:

  • navigation safety
  • ship radio communications
  • cargo and ship operations

Standing Committee on Personnel

This committee discusses:

  • crewing and certification
  • schools and training for marine personnel
  • medical examination requirements for marine personnel

Standing Committee on Recreational Boating

This committee discusses specific topics on recreational boating.

How to participate

There are two ways to participate in this engagement opportunity:

  1. Attend a CMAC meeting. Register using the When and where section below.
  2. Send your proposed agenda items to the CMAC Secretariat by email or mail.
    • All agenda submissions must include the reason for your submission and a detailed explanation of the agenda item you would like to include
    • We will accept your proposed agenda items up to six weeks before national and regional CMAC meetings
    • Late submissions will be added in a future agenda

You may also send us a request to receive updates on CMAC and to be added to the CMAC Secretariat stakeholder list.

When and where

We hold national and regional CMAC meetings each year.

Date Province/Territory City Details Participate

November 5, 6 and 7, 2019

Ontario Ottawa Status: Open

National CMAC
  1. Registration
  2. Location:
    Shaw Centre
    55 Colonel By Dr.
    Ottawa, ON K1N 9J2
  3. Documentation

November 13 and 14, 2019

Northwest Territories Yellowknife Status: Open

Prairies and Northern Region Regional CMAC
  1. Registration
  2. Location: Chateau Nova Yellowknife
    4571 48 Street,
    Yellowknife, NT  X1A 0E2
  3. Documentation: Links will be sent to participants once they register.

January 22, 2020

Newfoundland St. John’s Status: Not Open

Atlantic Regional CMAC
  1. Registration: not available
  2. Location:
    Delta Hotels St. John’s Conference Centre
    120 New Gower Street
    St. John’s A1C 6K4
  3. Documentation: Not available

April 15, 16 and 17, 2020

Ontario Ottawa Status: Not Open

National CMAC
  1. Registration: Opens January/February 2020
  2. Location: Shaw Centre
    55 Colonel By Dr.
    Ottawa, ON K1N 9J2
  3. Documentation: Not available

November 17, 18 and 19, 2020

Ontario Ottawa Status: Not Open

National CMAC
  1. Registration: Opens September 2020
  2. Location: Shaw Centre
    55 Colonel By Dr.
    Ottawa, ON K1N 9J2
  3. Documentation: Not available

Recently published marine regulations

Read about changes to marine safety and security–related regulations published in the Canada Gazette in the last two years.

Canada Gazette – Part I

Canada Gazette – Part II

Related information

Contact the Canadian Marine Advisory Council Secretariat

Mailing address:

Transport Canada, Marine Safety and Security
330 Sparks Street
Tower C, 11th floor
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N8

Email: cmac-ccmc@tc.gc.ca
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