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Our Web feeds let you access Transport Canada content in different ways at your convenience.

Web feeds let you access updated News Releases and other Transport Canada content in the way that works best for you.

Transport Canada news headline Web feeds are updated as new content is published.

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What are Web feeds?

A Web feed is a data format used to give users content that is new, has changed, or is reviewed often. Content distributors (like Transport Canada) create a Web feed, which allows users to subscribe to it. Making a group of Web feeds available in one spot is known as aggregation and done by an aggregator. A Web feed is sometimes referred to as a "syndicated feed". The two most popular Web feed formats are RSS and Atom.

Why use Web feeds?

There are lots of benefits to using Web feeds, including:

  • You choose what news you want. Web feeds allow you to choose the type of news and information you get from websites.
  • You decide when you get your news. Once you download a news reader, you can customize it to go and grab news every five minutes, or every hour - depending on when you want it.
  • Reducing spam. Because Web feeds require you to download a news reader, you don't need to subscribe to e-mail lists. Avoiding this lowers your risk of getting spam e-mail.

Instructions on adding a Web feed to your feed reader or ATOM/RSS aggregator

Web browsers with a built-in feed reader

Some Web browsers have a feed reader built into them. If the feed button in your browser changes colour from grey to orange, it means that the site you are browsing offers RSS feeds. Click the icon to see the feed and, if you want, subscribe. When you click the subscribe button , the feed is automatically added to the Favorites Center and to the Common Feed List for sharing with other programs.

Web browsers without a feed reader

Many Web browsers do not have a built-in feed reader, so you will need to install one (see links below). Once a feed reader is installed, follow these steps:

  • Using your mouse, right click on the Web feed above you would like to subscribe to.
  • The pop-up menu that appears will vary based on your web browser.
    • Internet Explorer users select the "Copy Shortcut" option.
    • Users of Firefox, Opera and other web browsers select the "Copy Link Location" option.
  • Launch your feed reader and paste the copied URL into an "Add New Feed" window.

Step-by-step instructions on how to add new feeds are usually included with the feed reader application that you choose.

Terms and Conditions for use of TC RSS Feeds

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