Infographic: Preserving and restoring Canada's marine ecosystems


Preserving and restoring Canada's marine ecosystems

$1.5 billion national Oceans Protection Plan to improve marine safety and responsible shipping, protect Canada's marine environment, and offer new possibilities for Indigenous and coastal communities.

A whale, a dolphin and small orange fishes with the text: Protect marine mammals.

A yellow and white boat and a National Aerial Surveillance Program red plane communicating with one another with the text: Prevent and respond to marine pollution incidents.

A sail boat on blue water. Small fishes in the water, mountains in the background and a couple of houses on a green coast. Three wind energy installations are next to the houses. This text appears below the graphic: Restore coastal ecosystems.

A man with headphones. A screen appears behind him with the web link text appears below the graphic: Address abandoned, derelict and wrecked vessels.

The Oceans Protection Plan look and feel with three mountains and blue ocean waves. A Canadian Coast Guard boat and a white wrecked vessel both communicating with the man with headphones.

The "" web link appears at the bottom.

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