Third Joint Ministerial Conference of the Paris and Tokyo Memoranda of Understanding on Port State Control, May 3 to 4, 2017

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The theme of the meeting is “Safeguarding Responsible and Sustainable Shipping.” The 2017 event will build on the success of the Second Joint Ministerial Conference, held in November 2004. This Conference will further discussions on eliminating sub-standard shipping in regions that are bound by the two Memoranda.

The Honourable Marc Garneau, Canada’s Minister of Transport, will chair the Conference, which will take place on May 3 and 4, 2017, at the Vancouver Convention Centre. It will bring together more than 45 ministers from the MOU member states to discuss initiatives that:

  • promote a wider safety and security culture throughout the entire maritime industry
  • protect the global marine environment, and
  • safeguard crews with respect to their living and working conditions aboard ships.

Observer organizations will also be present at the Conference.

During the Conference, Ministers will:

  • discuss and review past progress
  • identify specific areas of concern, and
  • recommend appropriate courses of action.

The Conference will conclude with the signing of a new Ministerial Declaration, followed by a press conference.

High Level Meeting 02 (HLM02) will take place on Tuesday, May 2, 2017. It will provide delegates with a final opportunity prior to the Conference to address any unresolved issues related to the Ministerial Declaration.

Questions & Answers

Q. What is Port State Control?

A. Port State Control is the inspection of foreign ships by ports’ governing states. These inspections verify the condition of vessels and their compliance with the requirements of international safety, security and pollution prevention standards. Inspections also verify compliance with requirements for the working and living conditions of seafarers.

Q. What is the purpose of the Third Joint Ministerial Conference on Port State Control?

A. The purpose of the conference is to have a third Ministerial Declaration signed by representatives of the MOU member countries. This declaration will reconfirm our commitment to eliminating sub-standard shipping around the world. It will also serve as a framework for new global policies and programs to facilitate these efforts.

Q. When was the First Port State Control Conference held and what did it accomplish?

A. The First Joint Ministerial Conference was held in Vancouver on March 24 and 25, 1998. The declarations by the Ministers of the countries represented contributed to an improvement of shipping in the two MOU regions and have helped reduce the number of sub-standard ships operating worldwide.

Q. When was the Second Port State Control Conference held and what did it accomplish?

A. The Second Joint Ministerial Conference was held in Vancouver on November 2 and 3, 2004. The declaration was signed by Ministers of countries represented to strengthen their joint commitment to further harmonizing and enhancing Port State Control initiatives worldwide.

Q. What do the Paris and the Tokyo Memoranda of Understanding seek to accomplish?

A. Canada has signed two agreements on Port State Control, the Paris Memorandum of Understanding and the Tokyo Memorandum of Understanding. These agreements established regional systems for the inspection of foreign ships. The objective of the agreements on Port State Control is to detect sub-standard shipping and minimize the threat to life, property and the marine environment. They also aim to improve safety and the working and living conditions of seafarers.

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