Life Jackets

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a lifejacket – d.o.t approved.

If the inside of the lifejacket becomes waterlogged, the jacket is no longer usable. Get a replacement.

An approved lifejacket for each person is mandatory on all fishing vessels. Do not abuse it by using it as a seat cushion, boat fender or kneeling pad.

When dry, store the lifejacket in a cool, well ventilated area.

If it gets wet, hang it up to dry in a well ventilated area before storing. Do not dry it in front of a radiator or other source of heat.

man entering the water in a secured lifejacket.

Try out the life jacket before an emergency occurs. Follow donning instructions on jacket. Never wear clothing over the jacket.

Before entering the water, make sure the jacket is secured and hold the neck piece down with both hands. Enter the water feet first.

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