Recovering Someone Who Falls Overboard (continued)

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The Anderson Turn

  1. Put the rudder over full in the same direction as the person (e.g., if the person fell over the starboard side, put the rudder over full to starboard). Stop the engine.

  2. When clear of the person, go ahead full using full rudder.

  3. When about 2/3 of the way around, back the engine 2/3 or full. Stop the engine when the person is 15 degrees off the bow. Ease the rudder and back the engine as required.

  4. Bring the vessel upwind of the person, stop the vessel in the water with the person along-side, well forward of the propellers.

(Many variations of this method are possible, to suit the characteristics of the vessel and sea conditions. Practice runs before an emergency occurs are recommended.)

the anderson turn recovery maneuver.

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