Recovering Someone Who Falls Overboard (continued)

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The Williamson Turn

  1. Put the rudder over full in the same direction as the person (as with the Anderson Turn, #1).

  2. When clear of the person, go ahead full using full rudder.

  3. When the heading is about 60 degrees beyond the original course, immediately shift the rudder to full over in the opposite direction. (60 degrees is correct for many vessels, but the exact amount must be determined through trial and error.)

  4. Continue the turn until the boat is heading 180° from the original course (for example, if the old heading was 90°, the new heading will be 270°) after the turn.

  5. Bring the vessel upwind of the person, stop the vessel in the water with the person along-side, well forward of the propellers.  

the williamson turn recovery maneuver.

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