Economic Analysis

Economic Analysis conducts analysis and research in order to understand and explain trends and the evolution of the different elements of the Canadian Transportation system. The economic analyses support policymaking, program development and decision-making. The scope of analysis is all modes of transportation and all facets of socio-economic aspects of transportation services allowing the Department to understand the changes in the supply and demand of transportation services in Canada. The work deals with matters such as taxation, financial performance of carriers, performance of the different elements of the transportation system, efficiency considerations, logistics considerations, infrastructure needs, costs, industry structure, competitiveness and competition issues, modal comparisons as well as comparisons of the Canadian Transportation system with those of other countries.

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Economic Analysis directorate

The Directorate has four main branches:


Economic & Environmental Analysis &Research

  • The Full Cost Investigation on Transportation in Canada


Transportation Data


Economic Analysis and Research

  • Gateways and Corridors Performance Measures
  • Fluidity Measurement
  • Total Logistic Cost Assessment


Forecasting and Modeling

  • Aviation Forecasts and Models
  • Supply Chain Management Modeling
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