Minor Works

The Minor Works Order allows for works to be built if they meet the criteria for the applicable class of works, as well as specific terms and conditions for construction.

Works meeting the assessment criteria of the Minor Works Order are classed as minor works under the Canadian Navigable Waters Act (CNWA) and may proceed without an application for approval as long as they comply with the legal requirements.

It is the responsibility of the owner of the work to assess the work to ensure that it meets the criteria established for its class. It is also the responsibility of the owner to ensure that all legal requirements set out in the order are met.

The classes of works established by the order are:

  • Erosion-Protection Works
  • Docks and Boathouses
  • Boat Ramps, Slipways and Launch Ramps
  • Aerial Cables — Power and Telecommunication
  • Submarine Cables — Power and Telecommunication
  • Pipelines Buried Under the Bed of Navigable Water
  • Pipelines and Power or Communication Cables Attached To Existing Works
  • Works within a Boomed-Off Area Upstream or Downstream of an Existing Work For Water Control
  • Outfalls and Water Intakes
  • Dredging
  • Mooring Systems
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