Exclusive TOP

Canadian Rail Operating Rules

858. Exclusive Designation

When an Exclusive TOP is issued, it must be indicated in the appropriate section of the TOP.

859. Exclusivity

Before an Exclusive TOP is issued, the RTC must verify that no other TOP, Form Y or Form T is in effect within the limits to be covered by the TOP.

An Exclusive TOP must not be issued as a Follow-Up TOP.

860. After Issuing an Exclusive TOP

Within the limits of an Exclusive TOP, the RTC must;

  • (a) not issue another TOP;

  • (b) not issue a Form T or Form Y;

  • (c) not issue a Rule 311, 567.1, 567.2, 618 or 618.1 authority to a movement.

861. Exclusive TOP - Two Track Units

When a second track unit is occupying the limits, both track unit operators must have a thorough understanding in writing as to the operation of each other.

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