Appendix I/II for Railway Locomotive Inspection and Safety Rules

Appendix I: Pre-Departure Inspection by a Locomotive Operator or Other Qualified Person

As per subsection 8.1, a pre-departure inspection of locomotive(s) shall be performed by the locomotive operator or other qualified person for the following:

  1. brake test including the operation of the safety control system;
  2. hand brake;
  3. headlights and ditch lights;
  4. trucks and running gear;
  5. any other apparent safety hazard likely to cause an accident or casualty.

2. Exceptions are to be reported for correction.

Appendix II: Locomotive Specification Records

A railway company shall maintain specification records, as referenced in the "Locomotive Safety Rule, Part IV", for each of its owned or leased locomotives. This information will be made available to the Department upon request.

A railway company shall retain records of any alternations which affect data recorded;

  • Loco Number
    • Loco Initial
    • Loco Type
    • Loco Propulsion
  • Operating Railway
    • Built By
    • Date
  • Number and type of traction motors
  • Engine, type and horsepower
  • Locomotive brake equipment type
  • Dynamic Brake: Yes/No
    • Type
  • Type of safety control system
  • Event Recorder: Yes/No
    • Type
  • Anti-climber arrangement designed to withstand a minimum of (enter data) pounds
  • Collision posts designed to withstand a longitudinal force of (enter data) pounds each at 30 inches above the deck and (enter data) pounds at the underframe.
  • Short hood structured-facing area skin is equivalent to (enter data) steel plate psi yield strength.
  • Total weight in working order (enter data) pounds
  • Starting tractive effort at (enter data) % adhesion (enter data) pounds
  • AAR requirement for fuel tanks
  • Pilot Type
    • Front
    • Rear
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