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March 2017

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Significant changes from CGSB-43.123-2010 to CAN/CGSB-43.123-2017

What is the scope of the standard?

CGSB-43.123 sets out the requirements for aerosol containers and gas cartridges used for the transport of dangerous goods. It includes

  • requirements for the design, manufacture, and testing of TC specification aerosol containers and gas cartridges;
  • requirements for the quality management system for manufacturers of aerosol containers and gas cartridges;
  • the Transport Canada registration requirements for aerosol container and gas cartridge manufacturers;
  • the requirements for the selection and use of containers for the handling, offering for transport and transport of UN1950, aerosols and UN2037, gas cartridges, in Canada; and
  • requirements for the transport of aerosol containers and gas cartridges intended for disposal or recycling.

Where is the standard referenced in the TDG Regulations?

1.3.1 Table of Safety Standards and Safety Requirement Documents
1.3.2 Transitional Period
1.15 150 kg Gross Mass Exemption
5.10 Means of Containment for Class 2, Gases

Section 5.10 of the TDG Regulations specifies that for transport of dangerous goods in Class 2 by any mode, means of containment in accordance with CGSB-43.123 are permitted.

5.11 UN1950, Aerosols, and UN2037, Gas Cartridges

Section 5.11 of the TDG Regulations requires dangerous goods that are UN1950, Aerosols, or UN2037, gas cartridges, to be contained in a means of containment that is manufactured, selected and used in accordance with CGSB-43.123.

How do I obtain a copy of the standard?

A copy of this standard can be obtained from the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB).

What version of the standard is currently adopted by the TDG Regulations?

Section 1.3.1 Table of Safety Standards and Safety Requirement Documents refers to the most recently published edition of CAN/CGSB-43.123. At this time, the 2017 edition of CAN/CGSB-43.123 is the most recently published edition and it is the edition that is legally in force.

Where can I obtain more information?

For more information on matters pertaining to CGSB 43.123:

Inquiries pertaining to applications for registration:
After choosing the language (1 for English, 2 for French), press option 1.

Technical inquiries:
Please include the text "aerosol container" or “gas cartridge” in the subject line.

FAQ on Aerosols

The FAQ on Aerosols and Gas Cartridges includes information on Transport Canada aerosol and gas cartridge requirements including registration requirements for aerosol and gas cartridge manufacturing, selection and use of aerosols and gas cartridges and waste transport of used aerosols and gas cartridges.

Aerosol and Gas Cartridge Manufacturers

Search the TDG database for Aerosol Manufacturers for manufacturers registered with Transport Canada to manufacture TC specification aerosols and gas cartridges in accordance with CGSB 43.123.

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